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Key Issue:

Fraternity and Sorority Members

When deciding which college to choose, more and more students are taking into consideration the importance of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) within the campus social environment. Once at college, most students come to know first hand the negative impact that high-risk and illegal AOD use can have on their college environment. The “silent majority” of those who abstain from drinking and drug use or drink responsibly are growing more vocal about their expectations of peers’ behavior.

It is important for students to know the facts about high-risk AOD use and be aware of their ability to work with others to make their college campus a safer and healthier place to study, grow, and live. Alcohol and drug use on campus affects all students, even those who abstain. Those who drink or use drugs may have poor academic performance due to missing class or doing poorly on tests. They may suffer health and legal repercussions due to their substance use. Students who choose not to drink or use drugs may be kept awake by impaired students, or may suffer violence or vandalism by a student under the influence. The entire academic mission of the school may be compromised if excessive AOD use gives the school a reputation as a party school, or overall GPAs decline as a result of AOD use.

Students need not remain in the “silent majority.” Students can play an active role in preventing high-risk and illegal AOD use on their college and university campuses. They may consider joining a Campus-and-Community Coalition or a Campus Task Force to make their voices heard among these groups that are impacting AOD use on campus. They may also utilize on-campus resources, such as the campus health center or counseling center, if they or a friend is in need of treatment or assistance due to AOD use.

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