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Intervention and Treatment

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Prevention File: Special Edition: Treatment and College Students

A comprehensive approach to reducing campus and community alcohol and other drug (AOD) problems includes interventions targeted at students who have displayed high-risk AOD use or who have significant AOD problems that meet the criteria for abuse or dependence.  

Campus efforts can target not only students with identified problems but also those who drink heavily or misuse occasionally. Researchers have found that nondependent, high-risk drinkers account for the majority of alcohol-related problems.

Early Intervention

ìEarly interventionî describes the initial efforts to intervene with students who may be at risk for alcohol- and other drug-related harm.

Treatment and Recovery

Students whose AOD use has established abusive or dependent patterns may require more intensive, individual-focused treatment and recovery services.

Identification, Referral, and Recruitment

There are several strategies for maximizing identification, recruitment and retention of high-risk students into intervention and treatment services.

Applying Research to Real-World Practice: Implementing Intervention and Treatment Programs on Campus

Thoughtful planning of evidence-based, individually-focused programs on campus is essential to their success.

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