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Examples of On-Campus Treatment and Recovery Programs

Although very few colleges and universities have evaluated or disseminated their treatment and recovery programs, here are a few examples of what some campuses are doing to supply students who are abusing or dependent on alcohol or other drugs with campus-based services.

  • Augsburg College, StepUp Program

    The StepUp Program at Augsburg College is for men and women in recovery, with at least six months of sobriety, who wish to earn a college degree. Students enrolled in the program are offered accommodation in one of the three chemical-free floors in the college’s residence hall. Upon enrollment, each student signs a contract in which he or she agrees to attend Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous once a week, to meet regularly with a sponsor, and to meet weekly with both the Director or Assistant Director for support regarding recovery and academic progress. Students also meet weekly with the residents of their floor to discuss floor issues and attend monthly meetings with staff that focus on relapse warnings and other issues relevant to people in recovery.

  • Rutgers University, Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program for Students

    The Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program for Students (ADAPS) offers free and confidential outpatient treatment and recovery services to students experiencing problems with alcohol or other drug
    s. ADAPS primary goal is early identification and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse problems and addiction. Their services include evaluation and assessment, individual AOD counseling, AOD awareness groups, recovery support groups, on-campus recovery housing, an early recovery program, and groups designed for adult children and friends of alcoholics or addicts.

  • Texas Tech, Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery

    The Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery (CSAR) at Texas Tech University has taken several steps to support students in the process of recovery. CSAR focuses on assisting these students in succeeding academically by providing scholarships, peer tutorial programs, and weekly study halls. Recovering students at Texas Tech University also participate in recovery seminars focusing on spiritual development and have formed the Association of Students About Service (ASAS), an on-campus student organization that is committed to serving the local community. The CSAR is also working to increase their number of licensed chemical dependency staff.

For a more complete listing of college and university treatment and recovery programs please visit the Association of Recovery Schools website.

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