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Securing Resources

In order to plan for, execute, and sustain prevention efforts effectively, the prevention team must have ample financial resources. From the beginning of their effort, the prevention team should identify sources of funding beyond an initial seed grant or start-up fund. Securing a continuous source of funds enables the team to embark fully on a program of environmental change.

While essential for a programís success, commitment from top administrators to develop prevention efforts does not eliminate funding problems. Few administrations are able to provide sufficient funding to cover all of the costs associated with a prevention effort. To fill the funding gap, prevention teams should look to identify and secure both direct funding and in-kind contributions of goods and services.

Increasing student fees and alumni donations are two longstanding methods of raising funds within the campus community. While raising student fees is always controversial, prevention teams can justifiably argue for higher fees dedicated to support prevention work. Prevention teams can approach alumni concerned with alcohol, other drug use, and violence at their alma mater, possibly former students who struggled with AOD problems themselves. It is crucial to earmark funds raised for prevention work in this manner through a binding agreement so that they are not diverted to other uses.

In addition to exploring funding sources on campus, prevention teams should also look to outside sources, such as grants or donations from foundations and corporations. Many programs have been able to continue or even expand their efforts through successful grant-writing. The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention offers information on some grants in the [1] grants section of their Web site.

[1]: http://www.higheredcenter.org/grants

Effective Prevention > Key Processes > Securing Resources : CampusHealthandSafety.org